Diesel engines

Internal combustion engines maintenance is considered to be the principal pillar of our services. Whether customer needs scheduled maintenance or urgent breakdown and troubleshooting, Olympic Repairs offers prompt solutions and worldwide support. We serve all two stroke and four stroke diesel engines used for propulsion, generating sets and stationery engines.
Provided services are as follows:

Engine performance diagnosis: Accurate latest technology digital devices are used so that we can make a pre-maintenance reporting for the evaluation of engine’s performance and possible failures

Maintenance: We undertake all kind of scheduled maintenance levels according to maker’s manual

Major overhauling: Complete overhauling performed by fully experienced technicians for saving cost and time  

Troubleshooting: Foremen engineer’s qualifications enable us to solve any mechanical (e.g. crankshaft replacement) and fuel system problem occurs. Extended bibliography of manuals help us have a thorough understanding of any trouble

Reconditioning: Engine components life and performance extension is a key factor for the success of our customers. Therefore, complete solutions for reconditioning are provided on cylinder heads, valve seats, valves and pistons.

Alignment: Engines mounting through Chock fast applications is such a significant process that affects engines performance in after years. Additionally, we perform compressors and reverse gears alignment with state of the art laser equipment

Comprehensive reporting: Aforementioned services are recorded and presented to the end user through photos, charts and diagrams on a complete report issue

Dry dock: Our centrally located workshops facilitate the proximity on Greece’s most significant shipyard facilities (Hellenic Shipyards, Elefsis Shipyards, Piraeus Port Authority Drydocks, Chalkis Shipyards S.A., Syros Neorion Shipyards)

Riding squads: Worldwide and 24/7 support by squads comprised of Greek technicians (English language fluent speakers) with additional insurance for possible accidents


For more than three decades D. ANDRIANOS & Co. with the brand name “Olympic Repairs”, is engaged with the provision of high quality repairing services. Our principal aim is the continuous development of the expertise scope for the consummation of any requirement asked by our customers. Our specialization in overhauling-repair of any engineering installations, the machining construction of various parts from shipping and industry as well as spare parts trade, enables us to strengthen our current position in the market.


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