Auxiliary equipment

Most of engine room applications are included in our scope of services. Additionally, any problem rises on auxiliary equipment entails downtime for vessel/power plant operation. Consequently, we undertake to fix / maintain the following equipment:

Maintenance of tailshafts: We undertake the complete survey / maintenance on yachts tailshafts including all measurements, non-destructive tests, laser alignment, manufacture of bushes, assembly and sea trials

Maintenance of couplings: Machining, items manufacture and vibration rubbers replacement are core services offered on couplings

Major overhauling of air compressors: Thorough maintenance / overhauling can be carried out by our technicians all over the world

Major overhauling on cargo pumps: Cargo pumps, as tanker’s critical component, are fully serviced by our team. We undertake to overhaul extensively, replace requested spare parts, processing (machining) any item

Major overhauling on V-Drive systems: Our experience from Hellenic Navy vessels enables us to undertake complete maintenance works on V-Drive systems including non-destructive test, inspection, machining and overhauling


For more than three decades D. ANDRIANOS & Co. with the brand name “Olympic Repairs”, is engaged with the provision of high quality repairing services. Our principal aim is the continuous development of the expertise scope for the consummation of any requirement asked by our customers. Our specialization in overhauling-repair of any engineering installations, the machining construction of various parts from shipping and industry as well as spare parts trade, enables us to strengthen our current position in the market.


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