By means of “Olympic Turbo” (Mother Company), we created our in-house turbocharger service section offering all possible services. From diagnosis to full overhauling and from digital balancing to retrofit, Olympic Repairs team is ready to serve you.

Provided services are as follows:

Maintenance: We undertake all kind of scheduled maintenance levels according to maker’s manual

Major overhauling: Complete overhauling performed by fully experienced technicians for saving cost and time.
Troubleshooting: Foremen engineer’s qualifications enable us to diagnose and solve any problem occurs. Extended bibliography of manuals help us have a thorough understanding of any trouble.

Diagnosis: Through digital diagnostic tool we can locate in case the problem operation occurs from the turbocharger and therefore prevent any delays in trouble detection

Spare parts repair: Our service department is capable of remanufacture components like shafts, nozzle rings and blades according to maker’s instructions and apply non-destructive test to assure the qualitative outcome

Welding and reblading: Turbine blades rebuild procedure is considered the most cost-effective and reliable solution as enables us to provide blades identical to the original and increase turbocharger life.

Dynamic digital balancing: Two state of the art dynamic balancing devices receive all kind of turbochargers ensuring the final result of the overhauling procedure

Comprehensive reporting: Aforementioned services are recorded and presented to the end user through photos, charts and diagrams on a complete report issue

Riding squads: Worldwide and 24/7 support by squads comprised of Greek technicians (English language fluent speakers) with additional insurance for possible accidents

Spare parts stock: A mix of brand new and reconditioned spare parts (shafts, casings, bearings, nozzle rings, sealing bushes, blades) in our warehouse completes our complete services on turbochargers


For more than three decades D. ANDRIANOS & Co. with the brand name “Olympic Repairs”, is engaged with the provision of high quality repairing services. Our principal aim is the continuous development of the expertise scope for the consummation of any requirement asked by our customers. Our specialization in overhauling-repair of any engineering installations, the machining construction of various parts from shipping and industry as well as spare parts trade, enables us to strengthen our current position in the market.


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